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Every moment of our lives is nothing more than the manifestation of vibrations—thoughts, emotions, and deeds. We live in a space made of frequencies—a space that is constantly being recreated by the very energy we emit into nature. This reality can be harmonious or inharmonious, depending on the elemental frequencies that make up or condition the space.

Peace is the human vibration of love, kindness, compassion, and goodwill at the frequency of light. These emotional vibrations are the only human energies that render into peaceful human realities. Human reality is the direct product of our heart and soul energies. We co-create our reality. To manifest peace, we simply change our thoughts and emotions of animosity toward our adversaries into love and compassion. As long as we fear the other, we will manifest fear, not peace. Peace is boundless love, especially toward those you are asked to fear the most. It is this sacred and life-sustaining vibration of love that renders into the quality of human reality we call peace.

We can start manifesting peace right now by opening our hearts and souls to love; by entraining ourselves with the energy of love—love of all life, all people, and all beings. Understand others as soul beings with loving purposes, even if their actions may contradict this energy at the moment. Our thoughts, emotions, and actions are the sacred energies dictating our futures. By encoding these energies with love and goodwill, we are essentially vibrating peace within our reality and throughout the entire human community.


The spectrum quality of light we call peace can only be created if we encode our thoughts, emotions, and deeds—the vibrations of human reality—with love and goodwill. This encoding process is best achieved through the harmonized energy of music—an elemental particle of reality.

Peace involves the creation of a soul-level reality, sustained by positive heart energies between the parties. This process of creating and sustaining a higher harmonic reality is best suited to the medium of music, since music utilizes the very thread of matter itself to raise the emotional state of the parties to new levels of harmonic symmetry. Music is the only energy that can elevate our emotions from the local level of lower frequency to a higher state of spiritual harmony, balance, and cosmic coherence without a single word being spoken. As a medium of reality, music produces instant unity of emotional, mental, and soulful vibration.

It synchronizes the frequencies of our minds to the rhythmic pulse of the entire universe while it harmonizes our heart vibrations at the spiritual levels of the soul. The harmonic energies released by music are automatically decoded by the heart and the soul and broadcast all the way into the cosmos—the space where reality is formed. Once cognized and given emotional or soul energy, the vibrations created by music become unified reality-bound energies destined for manifestation as they reach the light spectrum. These emotional energies are the subtle vibrations that entrain the soul into agreement and serve as the light of peace into the manifested world we call reality. This makes peace a state of cosmic agreement, extended into lower frequency realities via soul vibrations.

In this regard, music is an energy moving toward manifestation into light via the human soul and consciousness, a sonic energy possessing both emotion and soul frequencies. As such, music is a medium that conditions time and space for the existence of a new reality that can be shared and experienced between people. It has the capacity to remove barriers to peace and unity by entraining us away from our egos and into higher soul coherence, allowing us to experience love and harmony with others, prior to reducing our relationship to words and written agreements. Entire nations can be harmonized into this level of love coherence without ever noticing their dispositions.

Music is an agreement between the physical and the inaudible vibrations of reality. It serves to enhance reality by entraining our souls into qualities of vibrations that harmonize the subtle energy of the cosmos into physical reality. It has the power to alter our consciousness in revealing events that are harmonic to the content and sonic qualities we consume. We live the music—sounds—we hear and emit into the cosmos.