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Peace is the vibration of love manifested into light.

Peace is the heart vibrations of goodwill, empathy, and kindness at the higher spectrum of light we call reality. Only love and its vibrations can manifest into the reality of peace. This is because love is the actual frequency of peace: a divine vibration that propels life, cosmic harmony, spiritual unity, order, happiness, and cooperation. There are no political or military solutions that can materialize a reality of peace. Peace requires the creation of a shared reality based on love with our adversaries. Peace is not a state of existence that lies outside of our being; it is a vibration of our souls and consciousness.

Like love, peace is an agreement of the heart, a harmonic coherence of heart forces between two or more parties. The parties have to reach an emotional agreement based on the energy of love; an agreement beyond the superficial meaning of words that goes to the very core of the human essence—the soul—to form spiritual harmony, which is the true agreement. Thus, peace is not an agreement of words, but an agreement of soul nature. Words without the heart forces of emotion are empty local energies. They do not resonate with the soul’s sphere of reality. Thus, true peace can only be maintained as long as the parties maintain a harmony based on goodwill and other love-related energies.

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To achieve peace, we must harmonize love and goodwill toward one another so our combined energies can be manifested into the physical reality of peace we desire.

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A Moment of National Unity in Cabinda, Angola

In the summer of 1994, Ramiro and I organized our first national humanitarian tour of Angola with performances in Benguela, Huíla, Namibe, Cabinda, and Luanda. Of all the provinces we visited, it was in Cabinda that we experienced one of the most memorable demonstrations of the power of music in unifying people. As we did in other provinces, during our first concert in Cabinda, we included in our repertoire several songs by the Mendes Brothers written about Angola, namely “Angola,” “Angola na Paz” (Peace in Angola), and “Angola Beleza Natural” (Natural Beauty of Angola).

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Angola, Featuring Cesária Évora
Moçambique é Maningue Nice
Cabinda a Cunene, Featuring Bana
Balukumuka PALOP
Angola Beleza Natural
Angola Na Paz
Angola ixi Yetu
Angola Kuia


321Global Peace is a portal founded by musicians, authors, and humanitarians, João and Ramiro Mendes—The Mendes Brothers—to reconnect humanity to its primal vibration of love—the Sound of Peace.

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